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At JMC Pool Repairs Perth were dedicated to your pool and spa! Providing the complete service for all your needs, even free on-site quoting for piece of mind.

We stand out from the rest, we're a small business offering big. Known for our knowledge, personalised customer service and competitive pricing, you can be assured your pool and spa is being cared for.

JMC Pool Repairs Perth provides “the complete” mobile pool and spa services all over Perth. Standing out from the rest, JMC Pool Care has the extensive knowledge, dedication and customer service.

Providing residential and commercial services from regular maintenance and cleaning, to servicing equipment, all repairs, and supply of quality products at the best prices. And much more!

JMC Pool Care can provide you with all your pool and spa needs.

From Residential to Commercial, JMC Pool Care can provide the complete service and repairs for all your needs.

JMC Pool Care Services Includes:

General Pool Servicing and Maintenance
Regular and casual servicing to suite your requirements

This includes a full clean vacuum, brush, leaf scoop, tile / water line. Emptying of the skimmer and pump baskets. Cleaning of the filter or backwash. On-site water analyst to balance to health department standards. Cleaning of the chlorinator salt cell if salt water, or cleaning of the chlorinator Chemigem probe. Equipment inspection and system test.

Providing sales and installation from only the best range, with latest technologies.

Servicing all makes and models with genuine quality products.

The major 2 signs of a pump that requires servicing is a slow leak from the bottom centre of the pump called the mechanical seal and or operating noisy. Unlike other companies sourcing 3rd party repairers, time and extra costs. We provide the pump service onsite which normally takes 20-30minutes.

Filters: sand, Zeolite, Glass and cartridge
Did you know media filters (Sand filters) require regular servicing. Depending on the media used inside the filter sand, zeolite or glass determines the frequency required. On average every 4-7 years the media should be changed for best water quality, hygienic and operation.

Cartridge filters should be soaked in a suitable cartridge cleaner every 3-6 months to remove embedded material and body oils. As a rule of thumb replacement is required when excessive pressure builds weekly - fortnightly or 2-3 years.

Chlorinators - Salt water and Chemigem
Salt water chlorinators require minimal maintenance as self cleaning cell’s have become more affordable. Standard salt chlorinators (non self cleaning) usually require cleaning on a 1-2 month basis. This involves removal of the cell from the housing, a 1 part hydrochloric acid to 10 parts water mix or an approved cell cleaner till the calcium build up is dissolved. If the cell is building up and requiring more frequent cleaning, this can be due to poor water balance.

Low chlorine production can also be an indication the cell requires replacement.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Automatic pool cleaners take the headache of spending valuable time cleaning away, and more use.

Is your cleaner doing a good job, automatically? Not every cleaner will “just work”. The right cleaner for the correct pool type and surrounds will!

Providing free in pool demo trials, this will assure your getting the best for your pool and you can see for yourself.

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